1. Custom shell parts

Pupper is open source project, that means, you can custom what you want. You can find all the 3D printed shell files and custom them.

2. Custom Facial Animation

2.1 Prerequisites

  • HDMI Display

  • micro HDMI cable

  • Keyboard and mouse

  • a new picture


2.2 Run

  • Connect MiniPupper to the display by mirco HDMI cable

  • A: wireless adapter for the keyboard and mouse

  • B: mirco HDMI cable

  • Ubuntu login


The default password is mangdang

3. Keyboard controller

3.1 Keyboard controller based on nonROS version

The feature is based on PupperKeyboardController project, it’s Pygame-based keyboard controller for Stanford Pupper.

  • Install PyGame

pip install pygame
  • Controls

wasd: left joystick
arrow keys: right joystick
q: L1
e: R1
ijkl: d-pad
x: X
square: u
triangle: t
circle: c

3.2 Keyboard controller based on ROS version

Please refer to the SLAM section.

4. Web controller

Will update soon!

5. Mobile controller

Will update soon!

6. Docker

6.1 Docker for Pupper

Dockerfile for Mini Pupper ROS package, comes from docker-mini-pupper-ros project.

6.2 Docker for Host

Host computer setup for interfacing with a Mini Pupper over a network, comes from mp_host_setup project.

7. Scratch program

Will update soon!