Machine Learning


For potential security issues, the camera module is not included in our default package. If you want to explore camera AI functions, you can choose a normal USB camera module, of course, a 3D camera module is better for study. If try the 3D camera module, we recommend you OpenCV’s latest 3D camera module, named OAK-D LITE, comes from OpenCV&Luxonis.

1. Single camera module

1.1 Collision Avoidance

Will update late.

1.2 Teleoperation

Will update late.

1.3 Road Following

Will update late.

1.4 Object Following

Will update late.

1.5 Face Detect

Will update late.

2. 3D(OAK-D-Lite) camera module

2.1 Object Following

You can download the pre-built ROS image , named “xxx.MiniPupper_ROS&OpenCV_Ubuntu20.04.03.img” to test the object following feature using OAK-D-LITE 3D camera module.

# Terminal 1
roslaunch mini_pupper bringup.launch

# Terminal 2
roslaunch depthai_examples mobile_publisher.launch

# Terminal 3
rosrun mini_pupper_detect

2.2 Live streaming

Will update late.